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RELEASE: 10 Questions the Candidates Should Answer on K-12 Education
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RELEASE: 10 Questions the Candidates Should Answer on K-12 Education

Washington, D.C. — Ahead of the third Democratic debate this Thursday, the Center for American Progress is releasing a new brief with 10 questions the candidates should answer about how they’ll guarantee access to a quality education for all 50 million students in America’s K-12 public schools.

“While K-12 education has not been a major focus of the primary debates thus far, the system is unquestionably in need of major structural change,” said Scott Sargrad, vice president of K-12 Education Policy at the Center for American Progress. “These questions will help Americans understand what the candidates are prepared to do to guarantee a quality education for every student in America.”

“Racism and the inequality borne from it have produced a $23 billion funding gap between districts that serve predominantly nonwhite students versus those that serve mostly white students,” said Khalilah Harris, managing director of K-12 Education Policy at CAP. “Having plans to address racial equity is fundamental to ensuring all students have the chance to thrive in and outside of the classroom.”

Please click here to read “10 K-12 Education Policy Questions Every Presidential Candidate Should Answer” by Scott Sargrad, Lisette Partelow, and Khalilah Harris.

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