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ONLINE EVENT ADVISORY: Miliband, Podesta To Discuss US, UK Climate Action Plans
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ONLINE EVENT ADVISORY: Miliband, Podesta To Discuss US, UK Climate Action Plans

Washington, D.C. — Meeting the climate crisis has emerged as a major concern for voters in both the United States and the United Kingdom. For progressives, this demand for climate-centered policies presents a major opportunity. But the transition to a decarbonized economy also involves challenges that may strain traditional political coalitions and, if not managed properly, jeopardize other progressive goals such as economic security and inclusive growth. The United States and the United Kingdom each have lessons to share on how to ensure that public demand for climate action translates into broadly popular and effective policies that set the world on a net-zero trajectory while providing economic opportunity at home.

Please join us for a discussion hosted by CAP and the Institute for Public Policy Research on the United States and the United Kingdom seizing the opportunities and meeting the challenges of climate-centered politics. Speakers will address U.S. and U.K. approaches to creating clean energy jobs, fostering climate-friendly trade, and ensuring a just transition in industrial decarbonization.


Distinguished panelists:
Edward Miliband MP, U.K. Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero
Emma Rebhorn, Deputy Executive Director, Climate Jobs National Resource Center

John Podesta, Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors, Center for American Progress


Wednesday, June 1, 2022
11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. ET


You must RSVP at this link to watch the prerecorded discussion.

Attendees outside the United States, please tune in to the YouTube premiere.

For more information, please contact Sam Hananel at [email protected].

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