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NEW REPORT: A Memo to the 44th President on China
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NEW REPORT: A Memo to the 44th President on China

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Washington, DC –The Center for American Progress release today a report entitled A Global Imperative: A Progressive Approach to U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century, authoredby Nina Hachigian, Michael Schiffer, Winny Chen. The report argues that though we have serious policy differences with China, the urgency of our shared challenges, most particularly on the need for dramatic reductions in global carbon emissions, does not allow time for posturing that ultimately fails to deliver. Without a serious commitment by the United States and China, we will not be able to avoid the dire consequences of climate change.

The report, written in the form of a memo to the next President, recognizes that the complexity of U.S.-China relations will require coordination and prioritization within the U.S. government—a critical and daunting task. A commitment to regularized presidential-level meetings between the United States and China are necessary both to further strategic dialogue and consensus between our two nations, and to facilitate decisions on pressing issues that demand resolution. Given the array of issues at play in the relationship, we need coordinated policy making—in digestible portions—that addresses the multiplicity of political, security, and economic issues.

The Center for American Progress recommends the next administration concentrate on six policy priorities in U.S.-China relations:

  • Climate change and energy security
  • Balanced and sustainable global growth
  • Enhanced security in the Asia-Pacific region
  • China’s military modernization
  • Stability in the Taiwan Strait
  • Governance and individual rights

Read the full report (pdf)

Download the brief (pdf)

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