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ADVISORY: Corporate and High Income Tax Cuts and The Economy
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ADVISORY: Corporate and High Income Tax Cuts and The Economy

The Economics, History, and Public Debate of Supply-Side Policies

Please join the Center for American Progress and the Economic Policy Institute for a special presentation:

Friday, September 12, 2008, 12:00pm to 2:30pm

Panel 1: The Economics of Supply-Side

Featured Speakers:

Lawrence Summers, Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University; former Secretary of the Treasury and Chief Economist of the World Bank

Gene Sperling, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress; former National Economic Advisor to the President and Director of the National Economic Council

Jeffrey Frankel, Harpel Professor of Capital Formation and Growth, Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and director of the program in International Finance and Macroeconomics at the National Bureau of Economic Research; former Member of the Council of Economic Advisors

Moderated by:

Sarah Rosen Wartell, Executive Vice President for Management, Center for American Progress

Panel 2: The History and the Public’s View

Featured Speakers:

Jonathan Chait, Senior Editor, The New Republic, and author of The Big Con: The True Story of How Washington Got Hoodwinked and Hijacked by Crackpot Economics

Anna Greenberg, Senior Vice President, Greenberg Quinlan Rosner

Moderated by:

Christian Dorsey, Outreach Coordinator, Economic Policy Institute

Since the late 1970s and building through the era of Ronald Reagan, there has been an ongoing debate about the effectiveness of supply-side economics. Do tax cuts spur economic growth and pay for themselves with higher revenues on additional economic activity stimulated? This debate will be revived in the coming year as the incoming President and Congress will soon decide whether to renew of a variety of tax cuts adopted starting in 2001 and set to expire in 2010. Economists now have years of experience with this tax policy. What does the evidence show us? What has been the public debate about tax policy and supply-side and has it shifted in light of growing inequality and limited sharing of the benefits of economic growth?

The Economic Policy Institute and the Center for American Progress invite you to this event featuring prominent economists, writers and pollsters to discuss the impact and history of supply-side.

Papers by Professor Frankel, Michael Ettlinger, Vice-President for Economic Policy at the Center for American Progress and John Irons, Research and Policy Director at the Economic Policy Institute, will be also be released.

Admission is free.

A light lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m.

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