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The Triumph of Human Rights Norms Article
Activists hold lighted candles to mark the 60th anniversary of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights in Manila, Philippines, on December 10, 2008. This year marks the occasion on which to ask  whether all the human rights declarations, treaties, covenants and conventions that have been ratified since 1948 have truly made any difference in the struggle for a more humane and rights-respecting world. (AP/Bullit Marquez)

The Triumph of Human Rights Norms

On the 61st anniversary of Human Rights Day, William F. Schulz observes that the norms and values celebrated today still hold governments to account, be they democratic, like the United States, or authoritarian, like China.

William F. Schulz

The Power of Justice Report
International human rights standards, if properly applied, can add significant value to domestic social justice agendas, such as fighting poverty. (AP)

The Power of Justice

William F. Schulz argues in a report for the application of international human rights standards in U.S. domestic practices.

William F. Schulz

Why Hillary Clinton Got It Right on China Article

Why Hillary Clinton Got It Right on China

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton's recent comments about human rights in China have dismayed many human rights activists. Might they be overreacting? "Successive [U.S.] administrations and Chinese governments have been poised back and forth on these issues, and we have to continue to press them. But our pressing on those issues can't interfere with the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis, and the security crisis" the secretary told reporters. On what grounds could a responsible observer -- even one devoted to human rights, like myself -- disagree with those observations?

William F. Schulz

Clinton must press China on rights Article

Clinton must press China on rights

When Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton touches down in Beijing this week she will face an authoritarian Chinese government wringing their hands over a remarkably brazen online petition for human rights and an end to autocratic rule that is circulating among its citizens.

Expanding the Meaning of Rights Article

Expanding the Meaning of Rights

In pronouncing health care a right, President-elect Obama took an enormous step in the direction of re-framing one of the most contested domestic issues in a way that has profound implications for a wide variety of other issues.

William F. Schulz

Joe Moakley’s Legacy is Global Justice Article

Joe Moakley’s Legacy is Global Justice

The complaint filed Nov. 13 in the Spanish High Court against the former president of El Salvador and 14 former members of the Salvadoran military charging complicity in the 1989 massacre of six Jesuit priests is a reminder that good deeds by members of Congress may bear fruit even decades after those members are gone.

William F. Schulz

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