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Rwanda the key to Congo’s peace In the News

Rwanda the key to Congo’s peace

John Prendergast and Sasha Lezhnev write about how unless root causes are addressed, violence will intensify in Congo, and that the key is to focus on Rwanda's role in the war.


John Prendergast, Sasha Lezhnev

A Light at the End of the Tunnel in Congo Article

A Light at the End of the Tunnel in Congo

It may look like hell on Earth, but there are signs that the decades-long resource war in Central Africa could be shifting for the better--if the West stops bankrolling it.

John Prendergast

Sudan’s State-Sponsored Pyromania Article

Sudan’s State-Sponsored Pyromania

Enough's John Prendergast explains how the United States can help negotiate a deal in Sudan after militias burned rebellious villages in southern part of the African country.

John Prendergast

Crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo Article

Crisis in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton calls the sexual violence in eastern Congo "one of mankind's greatest atrocities." John Prendergast discusses the security crisis and what the U.S. and other nations can do to help stabilize the Democratic Republic of Congo on NPR's "Diane Rehm Show."

John Prendergast

Obama Can Make a Difference in Darfur Article

Obama Can Make a Difference in Darfur

President Barack Obama should now move to finally end the crisis in Sudan, rather than to respond to the immediate symptoms. His administration and its new special envoy to Sudan, Gen. Scott Gration, can do that by focusing on three things.

John Prendergast

Obama Can End “Reign of Terror” Article

Obama Can End “Reign of Terror”

In addition to Iraq and Afghanistan, President Obama has inherited another military challenge started by his predecessor. This off-the-radar drama is unfolding under the forest canopy of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

John Prendergast

Obama Must Halt Starvation in Darfur Article

Obama Must Halt Starvation in Darfur

Between 1991 and 1993, I traveled extensively as a human rights monitor in what became known as the “starvation triangle” in southeastern Sudan. A third of a million southern Sudanese civilians perished in those swamps and savannas, primarily due to the extended periods when the Sudanese government would cut off all access to humanitarian aid to the areas it was trying to pacify militarily.

John Prendergast

Time to Forcefully Oust Mugabe Article

Time to Forcefully Oust Mugabe

In the past decade, working as a US diplomat and then as a human rights advocate, I've had the perversely unique opportunity to meet on occasion with one of the longest-serving dictators in the world, President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

John Prendergast

Cell Phones and Congo’s War Against Women Article

Cell Phones and Congo’s War Against Women

What in the world could a policy wonk have in common with a movie actress? As it turns out, a lot. Every day we both use electronic devices that wouldn't work without raw materials from a country halfway around the world in central Africa. That country, Congo, has been torn apart by the deadliest war since World War II, where 5.4 million have perished. Its war is fueled by our inexhaustible thirst for cell phones, laptops, video games, digital recorders and other products that owe their existence to Congo's contribution to the world's mineral supply.

John Prendergast

China’s Deadly Investments Article

China’s Deadly Investments

Tomorrow, China assumes the Presidency of the U.N. Security Council, a position that it last held in July 2007 when it led the authorization of a U.N. peacekeeping force for Darfur. At that time, Beijing appeared to be responding to a global campaign by activists, in advance of the Olympics, to shame China into using its influence to address human rights crises in locales in which it has significant economic investments. But China's actions have belied its rhetoric, and it has continued to protect its favorite deadly dictators in places like Darfur, Burma, and Zimbabwe. A revised strategy must put greater focus on China's wallet.

The Merits of Justice Report
International Criminal Court Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo speaks at a press conference on July 14 regarding the genocide charges he filed against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir. (AP/Fred Ernst)

The Merits of Justice

Holding people accountable for war crimes is not only the right thing to do from a moral perspective—it directly promotes peace and makes future abuses less likely.

John Norris, David Sullivan, John Prendergast

Creating a Peace to Keep in Darfur Report

Creating a Peace to Keep in Darfur

ENOUGH and the Save Darfur Coalition urge the U.S. government and the international community to take immediate steps to launch and sustain an all-encompassing peace process that addresses the local and national issues that are fueling this conflict.