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Phantom Menace Article
Jasmine Price, a 10th grader at Dallas's Talented and Gifted Magnet school, studies early American art during an advanced placement art history class. (AP/Amy Conn-Gutierrez)

Phantom Menace

Ulrich Boser and Diana Epstein dismantle a report from the Fordham Institute alleging that school accountability systems might be dumbing down our best and brightest.

Ulrich Boser, Diana Epstein

Measuring Inequity in School Funding Report
The inequity in school funding must be remedied so all children in a state have access to the resources they need to achieve at high levels. (AP/Ed Andrieski)

Measuring Inequity in School Funding

Diana Epstein examines the problem of intrastate fiscal inequity and surveys some of the different measures that are used to characterize a state’s level of funding equity among districts within a state.

Diana Epstein

Education Article
Teacher Margarita Hernandez leads a group of preschoolers with an outdoor art project at a Head Start program in Hillsboro, Oregon. We receive $13 in social benefits for every $1 invested in early childhood education and development, studies show. (AP/Greg Wahl-Stephens)


This is the latest in a weekly series of talking points from CAP’s Doing What Works team showing how we can make smart budget decisions that boost government efficiency and effectiveness.

Diana Epstein

There Still Be Dragons Report
Alumnos en el tercer grado estudian un problema de matemática en la Escuela Primaria Harvard en Houston. Un nuevo informe propone que el financiamiento de la escuela pública es ampliamente similar entre grupos raciales y étnicos, y encontró una audiencia predeciblemente receptiva en los blogs conservativos. (AP/David J. Phillip)

There Still Be Dragons

Analyzing data at the district level shows that racial disparities do exist in school funding despite claims to the contrary, write Raegen Miller and Diana Epstein.

Raegen Miller, Diana Epstein

Slow Off the Mark Report

Slow Off the Mark

Diana Epstein and Reagen T. Miller on improving science, technology, engineering, and math education in schools and what it means for the nation.

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