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A Victory for Students Article
English teacher Nicholas Melvoin walks around his classroom as he teaches at Edwin Markham Middle School in the Watts district of South Los Angeles. Seniority-based teacher layoffs disproportionately affect schools such as those in South and Central Los Angeles because these high-poverty schools tend to have a higher proportion of novice teachers. (AP/Reed Saxon)

A Victory for Students

A Los Angeles judge approved a settlement last week that would protect students in the highest-poverty schools from mass teacher layoffs, writes Robin Chait.

Robin Chait

Keep Funding Stable for the Teacher Incentive Fund Article
A teacher at Kennedy Elementary School in Houston, TX, works with her fifth-grade students on math problems. (AP/Pat Sullivan)

Keep Funding Stable for the Teacher Incentive Fund

The Teacher Incentive Fund is leading to important reforms in participating states and districts and Congress should maintain its funding level in the coming year, argues Robin Chait.

Robin Chait

Ask the Expert: Back to School Video

Ask the Expert: Back to School

Robin Chait discusses what new Obama administration education strategies we should expect to see in this coming school year and what reforms show the most promise.

Robin Chait

Recruit, Train, and Retain Report
A sophomore at Boston Community Leadership Academy pilot high school receives attention from his math and English teachers during an advisory period. (AP/Stephan Savoia)

Recruit, Train, and Retain

Congressional appropriations for education offers an opportunity to improve access to great teachers and leaders, writes Robin Chait.

Robin Chait

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