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Funding Education Equitably Report
Districts that have taken aggressive steps to make school funding more  transparent and equitable will have a significant advantage in adapting  to a new comparability provision. For now, these districts provide a  prospective view of the changes needed to fund schools fairly and the  implications such reforms have on school and district operations. (AP/Nati Harnik)

Funding Education Equitably

Report from Saba Bireda highlights districts that have taken aggressive steps to make school funding more transparent and equitable.

Saba Bireda

Reducing Student Poverty in the Classroom Report
Schools are ideal locations for social programs because they have unparalleled access to poor students and their families—they are located in the neighborhoods in which families live, are recognized and familiar community institutions, and have established relationships with low-income students and their families. (AP/Eric Gay)

Reducing Student Poverty in the Classroom

Report from Saba Bireda and Joy Moses outlines antipoverty programs operating in our nation's schools and how these can be expanded.

Saba Bireda, Joy Moses

Devil in the Details Report
Districts recognize that an inability to dismiss poor-performing teachers undermines efforts to ensure that every student is taught by a highly effective instructor. As districts begin implementing more effective evaluation systems that better identify both low- and high-performing teachers, changes will have to be made to dismissal processes to exit those teachers in a fair and efficient manner. (iStockphoto)

Devil in the Details

Report from Saba Bireda explains how state law shapes the dismissal process and analyzes the provisions common in state law that make teacher dismissal difficult.

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Healthy Students Are Better Students Article
A student at Las Cruces High School in New Mexico receives an exam at the school-based medical center. (AP/Shari Vialpando)

Healthy Students Are Better Students

Health reform includes funding for school-based health centers, which improve student health while preparing them for academic achievement, writes Saba Bireda.

Saba Bireda

Education Reform 101 Report
U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan listens to fourth graders read at Delaplaine McDaniel Elementary School in Philadelphia, as part a "listening and learning" tour to find out what school strategies are working and why. (AP/Matt Rourke)

Education Reform 101

Want to know what makes President Obama’s new education proposal different? Saba Bireda provides a primer on the new Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

Saba Bireda

Walking the Talk Report
Madjany Mouscardy works with a student tutor on her match lesson at Silver Shores Elementary School in Mirimar, Florida. (AP/Hans Deryk)

Walking the Talk

Saba Bireda and Raegen Miller discuss why and how to ensure that schools receiving Title I funds actually do receive comparable or better resources.

Saba Bireda, Raegen Miller

The Impact of Community Schools Article

The Impact of Community Schools

Saba Bireda explains how community schools help low-income minority students in their extracurricular activities.

Saba Bireda

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