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State Health Policy Article
A nurse practitioner speaks with a patient at a nonprofit children's health clinic that provides affordable care in Commerce City, Colorado, December 2016. (Getty/Kathryn Scott)

State Health Policy

The Center for American Progress works with state governments to strengthen public health systems; lower health care costs; and improve access to affordable, high-quality health coverage.

Medicare Extra Report
A doctor with a patient in the emergency room, January 2010. (Getty/Jeff Greenberg)

Medicare Extra

Independent analysis finds the proposal would reduce national health spending relative to current law even after covering 35 million uninsured individuals.

The Senior Protection Plan Report
Instead of harming seniors and others, the Senior Protection Plan would improve the efficiency of the health care system, eliminate waste, and improve the quality of care. (iStockphoto)

The Senior Protection Plan

The right approach to reduce federal spending on health care is to reduce overall health care costs and modernize the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

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