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David Balto


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Reinvigorating Antitrust Enforcement Report
FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz and Assistant Attorney General Christine Varney are seen. Both have brought a keen perception about the important role of antitrust enforcement as a bulwark to a competitive marketplace. (Department of Justice)

Reinvigorating Antitrust Enforcement

David Balto assesses the Obama administration's antitrust enforcement up to now and offers recommendations to strengthen that enforcement going forward.

David Balto

The FTC vs. Lake Wobegon In the News

The FTC vs. Lake Wobegon

In Hospitals and Health Networks, David Balto tells the simple story of when the Federal Trade Commission decided to focus its massive enforcement resources on a small cooperative of hospitals and physician clinics in rural southwestern Minnesota.

Hospitals and Health Networks

David Balto

Dueling Authorities In the News

Dueling Authorities

Competing federal agencies monitor antitrust activities, writes David Balto in Trustee. Hospitals need a more coordinated approach.

Trustee magazine

David Balto

Making Health Reform Work Report
The general idea behind accountable care organizations is that by establishing a continuum of care among providers who have incentives to focus on strong primary care, cost will be contained while care improves. (iStockphoto)

Making Health Reform Work

Antitrust enforcement needs to be a tool and not an obstacle to improving our health care system, writes David Balto.

David Balto

The Need for a New Antitrust Paradigm in Health Care Article

The Need for a New Antitrust Paradigm in Health Care

David Balto testifies before the House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Courts and Competition Policy about testify about antitrust enforcement in the health care industry.

David Balto

Eliminate the Antitrust Healthcare Toll Booth In the News

Eliminate the Antitrust Healthcare Toll Booth

Without certain measures, antitrust regulation will become a toll booth on the road to meaningful reform that no one will be able to pass, writes David Balto.

The Hill

David Balto

Making Health Care Competition Work Report
The WellPoint insurance headquarters in Thousand Oaks, California, which just tried to raise members’ premiums by fully 39 percent from the previous year on one of its plans. (Flickr/plurimus)

Making Health Care Competition Work

David Balto outlines antitrust measures that will help ensure health insurance reform is transparent and effective.

David Balto

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