The Solutions We Need

To address the most acute challenges, policy experts must center solutions on difficult, chronic problems. In this resilient nation that draws strength from its diversity, we can and must tackle these problems together and move forward to a better future for all.


America’s Electoral Future

The generational makeup of the United States will change dramatically in the future and that is projected to have potentially profound effects of future elections.



What Do Voters Want on Child Care Ahead of the 2020 Elections?

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded existing challenges for many parents in finding and affording high quality child care. Subsequently, voters strongly support increased governmental steps to help parents care for their kids and continue to work.



America Decides

One year out from the 2020 election, American voters support a range of pragmatic government actions to expand health care access and reduce costs; increase taxation on the wealthy; help low-income families with basic living necessities; and check corporate power.



States of Change

As the demographics of the United States have changed since 1980, so have the coalitions that make up both the Republican and Democratic parties.



America Adrift

A new study of public attitudes on U.S. foreign policy issues finds that voters desire more government investment at home to remain competitive in the world.



Voters Across Party Lines Support Clean Slate Legislation

Voters overwhelmingly support clean slate legislation to automatically seal records for nonviolent crimes and marijuana possession. Support also crosses party and demographic lines for legalization of marijuana.



Trust in Government in the Trump Era

A major new study of voter attitudes finds deep partisan divides on trust in government under President Trump and serious concerns about a range of the president’s and his team’s actions and decisions.