Progressive Prescriptions for a Healthy America

America’s health system is in crisis, leaving out too many and costing too much. Today, 45 million Americans lack health insurance. Millions more are struggling to pay premiums that are growing five times faster than wages, but still seeing their benefits shrink. While some Americans have access to the most sophisticated medical care in the world, others are left to overcrowded emergency rooms, under-funded clinics, or no health care at all – all because they lack the insurance it takes to provide for the care they need. This is wrong. It violates America’s deep, long-standing commitment to fairness for all of our citizens – old and young, weak and strong. Unlocking our health care system’s potential for everyone in America is the great moral challenge of our time.

To meet our nation’s health care needs, the Center for American Progress proposes a bold but practical approach to guaranteeing an American right to affordable, quality health coverage. The Center’s plan is a comprehensive proposal to improve our health, not just our health care system.