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Guns and Crime

Las Vegas gun show

Nevada Gun Violence

article icon Fact Sheet Nevada is home to some of the nation’s highest rates of gun deaths and weakest gun laws.

Chuck's Guns

Enhancing Oversight of Gun Dealers in Illinois

article icon Fact Sheet Enactment of state gun-dealer licensing would be an effective tool for increasing oversight of the gun industry in Illinois and ensuring that dealers retain control over their dangerous inventory.

Capitol Dome

Immunizing the Gun Industry: The Harmful Effect of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

article icon Fact Sheet The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act provides the gun industry unprecedented immunity from liability and cuts off access to the courts for valid lawsuits seeking to hold it accountable. Congress must act to repeal this harmful law.

confiscated guns

South Carolina Gun Violence

article icon Fact Sheet The state of South Carolina has both some of the weakest gun laws and some of the highest levels of gun violence in the country.

gun show

The Terror Gap

article icon Fact Sheet With the ever-present threat of lone-wolf and homegrown terrorists perpetrating attacks on American soil, it is important to close the terror gap in order to prevent known terror suspects from easily purchasing guns.

Protestors hands up Los Angeles

The Myth of Police Reluctance

Despite claims to the contrary, there is no evidence to suggest that the “Hands Up” movement has caused the police to stand down.

WDBJ-TV vigil

Virginia Under the Gun

article icon Issue Brief A number of aspects of gun violence and gun-related crime in Virginia are exceptional or above the national average, and there is much state leaders could do to strengthen the state’s laws and prevent gun deaths.

Prisoner in isolation cell in Wisconsin

Congress Should Act to Make Criminal Justice Reform History

The effects of mass incarceration ripple across the United States and affect all Americans. Congress should seize the historic opportunity to begin to repair the U.S. criminal justice system.

Baltimore police and protesters

The Long, Reenergized Fight to Improve Policing in Baltimore

As recent events place Baltimore’s history of racial tension and institutional discrimination at the center of public attention, a new report outlines a path for police reform.

Baltimore police officer

Toward Trust

book_alt2 icon Report Baltimore activists offer six ideas to make the Baltimore Police Department more accountable, transparent, and effective at preventing and solving serious crimes.

Teacher in class

Point of Entry

book_alt2 icon Report The disciplinary use of suspension and expulsion for the nation’s youngest students—particularly African American students—has long-term damaging effects on children, as well as society as a whole.

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