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Guns and Crime

Three Percenters

Violent Words, Violent Crimes

book_alt2 icon Report Anti-government extremism, tensions over control of public lands, and easy access to guns collide in Nevada, with devastating consequences.

A man walks past a blighted building in Baltimore

Creating Safe and Healthy Living Environments for Low-Income Families

book_alt2 icon Report Given how central homes and communities are to people’s lives, federal and local leaders must work to ensure low-income families live in environments that are conducive to their success.

Representative John Lewis speaks.

Americans Must Understand that a Bullet Has All of Our Names on It

For political leaders to find the humanity and will to do the right thing, Americans must recognize that gun violence is an issue that affects everyone.

Barracks for the Pennsylvania State Police

Pennsylvania Under the Gun

article icon Issue Brief While Pennsylvania has instituted important measures to prevent gun violence, more can be done to strengthen its laws and reduce gun-related crimes.

Infographic: Ensuring that Prohibited Abusers Give Up Their Guns in New Jersey

While New Jersey has taken important steps to protect victims of domestic violence from gun violence, more can be done to keep guns out of the hands of abusers.

Gavel in courtroom

Three Ways Congressional Mens Rea Proposals Could Allow White Collar Criminals to Escape Prosecution

article icon Issue Brief The mens rea proposals in Congress’ criminal justice reform package could serve as a ‘get out of jail free’ card for white-collar criminals.

Temporary Restraining Orders and Gun Violence in Connecticut

article icon Fact Sheet Connecticut has strong gun laws, but one significant loophole leaves victims of intimate partner violence vulnerable to gun violence: The state does not prohibit abusers subject to temporary restraining orders from possessing or purchasing guns.

Doctors for America presents a petition at a press conference.

Removing Barriers and Reinvesting in Public Health Research on Gun Violence

article icon Fact Sheet For two decades, public health research on gun violence has been stifled by a restrictive law and lack of funding.

Las Vegas gun show

Nevada Gun Violence

article icon Fact Sheet Nevada is home to some of the nation’s highest rates of gun deaths and weakest gun laws.

Chuck's Guns

Enhancing Oversight of Gun Dealers in Illinois

article icon Fact Sheet Enactment of state gun-dealer licensing would be an effective tool for increasing oversight of the gun industry in Illinois and ensuring that dealers retain control over their dangerous inventory.

Capitol Dome

Immunizing the Gun Industry: The Harmful Effect of the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act

article icon Fact Sheet The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act provides the gun industry unprecedented immunity from liability and cuts off access to the courts for valid lawsuits seeking to hold it accountable. Congress must act to repeal this harmful law.

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