The Dimensions of a Digitally Networked Campaign

Online advocacy and political campaigns can be envisioned in three dimensions (or, if you prefer a computer metaphor, versions 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0). At the core, the dimensions are about the strategic flow-direction of communication (see Table). One-dimensional campaigns are about broadcasting a one-way campaign message, with tight language control, to voters. Two-dimensional campaigns are about building a transactional or two-way relationship with voters—getting them to register to vote, for example. And 3-D campaigns unleash the masses, with communication flowing to and from the campaign, as well as in any direction between and among voters. And in reality, 3-D campaigns have more than three dimensions because, in addition to facilitating omni-directional messaging and organizing, digital networks overcome obstacles of distance and allow for time-shifting.

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Campaign Dimensions: 1-D Strategies

Campaign Dimensions: 2-D Strategies

Campaign Dimensions: 3-D Strategies