House lawsuit reveals GOP’s empty ‘climate change’ bluster

When Speaker John Boehner (R-ohio) announced that he would move legislation authorizing a lawsuit against the President for his so-called imperious actions, the Speaker cited energy along with health care as the reasons for the suit.  But now that the House of Representatives is considering a resolution authorizing the lawsuit, it’s easy to see that the lawsuit is glaringly disconnected from the rhetoric about energy.

Since 2011, we’ve heard repeated assertions about the administration’s overreach on climate change.  House Republicans have described the administration’s actions as “radical,” “illegal,” and “overreaching.”  When the administration worked with the auto industry to cut carbon pollution and save new car owners thousands of dollars at the pump, House Republicans called it “executive overreach.”  When the administration took steps to address pollution from coal, a House Republican said it was an “Imperial Presidency that is out of control.”  When the Office of Management and Budget said it was appropriate to make note of the adverse impacts of carbon pollution, one House Republican claimed it was an “arbitrary, backdoor approach to regulating carbon dioxide emissions.”

The above excerpt was originally published in The Hill.