‘Undefeated’: The other 2012 Oscar winner with a black cast

In the midst of all The Help controversy, far less attention has been paid to that other Oscar-winning movie with a largely black cast — Undefeated. Although it opened last Friday and boasts Sean "Diddy" Combs as executive producer, it’s not playing in many locations. I was able to attend a screening, however.

Once you get past the possibility of confusing it with the Sarah Palin documentary (The Undefeated), which I’m guessing is not as good, you find out that this film is about Bill Courtney, a white Alabama business owner who volunteers as a football coach in a mostly black inner city school, while one his white friends provides part-time housing for one of the black players so that the young man can get tutoring (no tutor would go out to the student’s neighborhood).

This article was originally published in The Grio.