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The Basic Facts About Children in Poverty

Nearly 11 million children are living in poverty in America. Here is how the crisis reached this point—and what steps must be taken to solve it.


Tell Congress: It’s Past Time to #SaveChildCare

Congress must pass a comprehensive COVID-19 relief package that includes at least $50 billion to save the child care industry for families and providers.



How COVID-19 Sent Women’s Workforce Progress Backward

The collapse of the child care sector and drastic reductions in school supervision hours as a result of COVID-19 could drive millions of mothers out of the paid workforce. Inaction could cost billions, undermine family economic security, and set gender equity back a generation.



As Election Nears, Millennial and Gen Z Voters Want Action on Child Care

As the nation heads to the polls, it is important to understand that young voters are deeply affected by child care issues during the coronavirus pandemic and that they support child care relief funding and longer-term strategies to invest in child care.



What Do Voters Want on Child Care Ahead of the 2020 Elections?

The COVID-19 pandemic has compounded existing challenges for many parents in finding and affording high quality child care. Subsequently, voters strongly support increased governmental steps to help parents care for their kids and continue to work.