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States of Change

February 25, 2016, 9:45am ET - 2:45pm ET

The Center for American Progress, AEI, and the Brookings Institution released a groundbreaking report in February 2015 that looks at U.S. demographic change nationally and in every state through 2060. The report’s authors have produced a series of simulations, based on their research, to examine how demographic shifts by race, age, and generation could affect election outcomes from 2016 to 2032. Can either party be confident of its long-term future in light of these demographic changes? What kinds of consequences could these changes have for the family, the workforce, and the social contract? How might policymakers respond?

Please join CAP, AEI, the Brookings Institution, and distinguished experts for wide-ranging bipartisan presentations on demographic change and its implications for America’s electoral future and key policy challenges.

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