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Center for American Progress

: The State of State Education Reform: What’s Happening, What’s Next?
Past Event

The State of State Education Reform: What’s Happening, What’s Next?

9:30 - 11:00 AM EDT

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States have launched unprecedented efforts to reform their education systems over the past five years. Forty-six adopted Common Core Standards, 25 now evaluate teacher impact on student learning, and 33 have been granted waivers from No Child Left Behind to alter their accountability structure. States have lifted caps on charter schools, put time and money into school turnaround, and changed their workforce and finance policies. While states themselves initiated many of the changes, others were spurred by federal programs such as Race to the Top.

Please join the Center for American Progress as we take stock of state education reform and forecast where states are headed. To set the stage we will release a brand new report on promising ideas and pitfalls found in state No Child Left Behind waiver plans. Leading state reformers and national experts will then engage in a frank and searching conversation on the next steps states must take to continue reforming the U.S. education system.

Introduction and moderator:
Cynthia G. Brown, Vice President for Education Policy, Center for American Progress

Jeremy Ayers, Associate Director for Federal Education Programs, Center for American Progress

Featured panelists:
Alex Johnston, Advisor, Bloomberg Philanthropies; Chair of the Board of Directors, Policy Innovators in Education Network
John King, Commissioner of Education and President of the University of the State of New York
Michael Yudin, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy and Strategic Initiatives, U.S. Department of Education