Past Event

The Future of U.S. Foreign Policy

Foreign policy crises seem to be multiplying around the world, including the brutal threat of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, or ISIS, continued Russian support for separatists in eastern Ukraine, violence in the Central African Republic, and civil conflict in Libya and Yemen. In the face of these challenges, deeply divergent views about American foreign policy interests and the appropriate use of American power have divided both Democrats and Republicans across and within party lines.

Please join the Center for American Progress for a public event on the future direction of U.S. foreign policy and the role of America around the world.

Welcoming remarks:
Vikram Singh, Vice President for National Security and International Policy, Center for American Progress

Distinguished panelists:
James Mann, Scholar-in-Residence, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; Author, “On Realism, Old and New”
Christopher Preble, Vice President for Defense and Foreign Policy Studies, Cato Institute
Kim Holmes, Distinguished Fellow, Heritage Foundation
Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress; Author, “Against Disengagement”

Lawrence Korb, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress