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: The Future of Technology Regulation
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The Future of Technology Regulation

What’s Next in Protecting the Public Interest Online

4:00 - 5:00 PM EST

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At a time when Americans are more reliant on online services than ever before, the question of how to protect the public interest online is increasingly urgent. The federal government currently has limited ability to understand, anticipate, and protect Americans from the interlocking economic, consumer protection, civil rights, and privacy harms they face online. The case for bold action is clear, and policy developments are gaining momentum in Washington and across the country.

New thinking on technology regulation has led to bipartisan efforts toward stronger antitrust enforcement and competition in digital markets, as well as other exciting proposals to reimagine democratic oversight of technology and online services. The nation is drawing on the robust progressive tradition of antitrust and regulation working hand in hand to confront the challenges of regulating new technologies, with the ultimate goal of protecting American consumers.

Please join the Center for American Progress for a thoughtful discussion on the path forward for governing online services, featuring leading voices in tech antitrust and regulation.

We would love to hear your questions. Please submit any questions for our distinguished panel via email at or on Twitter using #TechReg. Live captioning will be available on Zoom and on the YouTube livestream.

Introductory remarks:
Adam Conner, Vice President, Technology Policy, Center for American Progress

Keynote remarks:
Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN)

Distinguished panelists:
Tom Wheeler, Visiting Fellow in Governance Studies, Brookings Institution Center for Technology Innovation; Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School; 31st Chairman, Federal Communications Commission for President Obama
Erin Simpson, Associate Director, Technology Policy, Center for American Progress

Patrick Gaspard, President and CEO, Center for American Progress

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