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: Supporting Student Learning: Massachusetts Style
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Supporting Student Learning: Massachusetts Style

A Half-Day Conference on Expanding Learning Time

10:00 AM - 1:30 PM EST

The state of Massachusetts is the first state in the nation to undertake a systemic initiative to expand learning time to improve student performance and close achievement gaps. In 2005, the state legislature made available new grants to support the creation of district implementation plans. The following year, 10 schools in five districts were selected to receive second-year grants to begin implementation and expand learning time by 30 percent.

The ambitious Massachusetts initiative presents policy-makers, advocates, educators, community leaders, and parents with an opportunity to learn from the states’ experiences. Join us at this half-day conference to examine redesigning the school day and year, accelerating change in public systems, engaging leaders in innovative reform, building capacity in low-performing schools, and leveraging partnerships to boost learning and development. Learn about a new Center for American Progress case study by Hilary Pennington and hear from federal, state, and local leaders as we focus on the Massachusetts Expanding Learning Time to Support Student Success Initiative.

Keynote Address:
Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-MA) 

Session I: State Leadership in Expanding Learning Time

Hilary Pennington, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress and Co-founder and Vice Chair, Jobs for the future
Chris Gabrieli, Co-founder and Chairman, Massachusetts 2020
David Driscoll, Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Education

Cynthia G. Brown, Director of Education Policy, Center for American Progress

Session II: Local Voices on Implementation

Paul Toner, Vice President, Massachusetts Teacher’s Association, former President, Cambridge Teacher’s Association
Robin Harris, Principal, Fletcher-Maynard Academy
Dr. James Caradonio, Superintendent, Worcester Public Schools

Jennifer Davis, Co-founder and President, Massachusetts 2020