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A Reel Progress Screening

7:00 - 9:00 PM EDT

Wholphin does for short films what McSweeney’s has done for short stories, namely, let the general public see what delightfully guilty pleasures can be derived from something with a limited scope (at least in the temporal sense)…” -Cinemad

Founded by Executive Producer Brent Hoff and novelist Dave Eggers as a new offering from McSweeney’s, Wholphin debuted in an audio visual edition of The Believer magazine. Wholphin is now a quarterly DVD magazine featuring short films, documentaries, animation, and instructional videos that have not, for whatever reason, found wide release. Recent issues of Wholphin have included films by Spike Jonze, David O. Russell, Miranda July, Miguel Arteta, Errol Morris, and Steven Soderbergh, and performances from John C. Reilly, Selma Blair, Patton Oswalt, Andy Richter, a monkey-faced eel, and many others.

McSweeney’s began in 1998 as a literary journal, edited by Dave Eggers, that published only works rejected by other magazines. Today, McSweeney’s has grown to be one of the country’s best-read and widely-circulated literary journals, a book publisher of over thirty-five titles, including Nick Hornby’s Songbook, What is the What by Dave Eggers, and William T. Vollmann’s 3,300-page treatise on violence, Rising Up and Rising Down and the publisher of The Believer literary magazine and Wholphin. Please join us for a screening of select Wholphin films and a discussion with Wholphin founder and Executive Producer Brent Hoff.

Featured Panelist:
Brent Hoff, Executive Producer, Wholphin

Introduction By:
Anna Soellner, Director of Outreach and Special Events, Center for American Progress

Moderated By:
Sean Gibbons, Director of Media Strategy, Center for American Progress