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: Progressivism on Tap: The 2012 Election
Past Event

Progressivism on Tap: The 2012 Election

State of the Race in the Final Week

6:00 - 7:30 PM EDT

Join Progressivism on Tap for our pre-election special with two very knowledgeable progressive analysts: American Prospect blogger Jamelle Bouie and Center for American Progress Action Fund President Tom Perriello. How close is each side to attaining the 270 electoral votes necessary to be elected President? What have been the strengths and weaknesses of each campaign so far and how are they organizing their final push for votes? How good are the Romney and Obama ground games and how much will that matter to the outcome? We will discuss these and other questions at this session as we attempt to dig down deep beneath the surface of this year’s election to clarify campaign dynamics and what’s really at stake in the election.

PROGRESSIVISM ON TAP is a lecture and discussion series from the Progressive Studies Program at the Center for American Progress, focused on the history and intellectual traditions of progressivism and liberalism.

The series provides an informal forum for budding activists and professionals to explore the political values and theoretical debates within the broader progressive tradition and to apply those lessons to contemporary political discourse.