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: Online Only: Growing Together: Mexico and the United States
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Online Only: Growing Together: Mexico and the United States

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Media coverage and popular opinion about the U.S.-Mexico border focuses on the sensational: illegal immigration, drug trafficking, violent crime, and most recently, the spate of Central American children seeking refuge in the United States. Little attention is paid publicly to what is arguably a far more significant set of trends: the strengthening of the U.S.-Mexico economic relationship into one that is driving growth, job-creation, and human development on both sides of the border.

This event will feature key leaders from the U.S. and Mexico to initiate a broad policy conversation aimed at building on this growing economic relationship–and the potential it offers for the future. In addition, researchers from Arizona State University will present a new economic model of the U.S.-Mexico economic relationship that offers a means of visualizing a wide range of potential policy choices.

Ambassador Medina Mora and Governor Ted Strickland will give opening remarks.

Opening remarks:
Ambassador Medina Mora, Mexican Ambassador to the U.S.
Governor Ted Strickland, President, Center for American Progress Action Fund

PANEL I: U.S.-Mexico Economic Relations Overview
Secretary Jose Antonio Meade, Foreign Secretary, Mexico
Robert B. Zoellick, Former President, The World Bank

Moderator: Ambassador Kurt Volker, Executive Director, The McCain Institute

Dr. Anthony Evans, Senior Research Fellow, L. William Seidman Research Institute
Dr. Dennis Hoffman, Director, L. William Seidman Research Institute

PANEL II: The Economy of the U.S.-Mexico border region:
James Ahlers, General Counsel & VP for Legal Affairs, Molera Alvarez
Margie Emmermann, Executive Director, Arizona-Mexico Commission
Juan Pardinas, Director, Mexican Institute for Competitiveness
Moderator: Dan Restrepo, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress