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: Men, Fathers, and Work-Family Balance
Past Event

Men, Fathers, and Work-Family Balance

Work-family balance issues and labor protections—such as paid family leave, paid sick days, and flexibility arrangements—are often framed as issues that pertain primarily if not solely to women. Research has also focused on women’s and mothers’ wage penalties, confidence gaps, and mommy tracks. But work-family balance issues are family issues, which affect men as well as women. As most families currently face a reality where all parents must work—and as new norms around fatherhood, male caregiving, and equitable partnerships grow—more men than ever before report experiencing conflicts between their work and home lives.

Please join the Center for American Progress as a panel of experts discusses these issues and the research that has been done on men’s work-family conflict.

Moderated conversation:
Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary
Daniella Gibbs Léger, Senior Vice President, Communications and Strategy, Center for American Progress

Featured panel:

Kathryn Edin, Distinguished Bloomberg Professor of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University; author, Doing the Best I Can: Fathering in the Inner City

Loren Harris, Director of Family Economic Security, The W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Erin Rehel, Consultant, Advisory Board Company

Moderated by:
Sarah Jane Glynn, Director of Women’s Economic Security, Center for American Progress