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: Learn Better: A Book Release and Conversation with Ulrich Boser
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Learn Better: A Book Release and Conversation with Ulrich Boser

Center for American Progress
5:00 - 6:00 PM EST

Join the Center for American Progress for a discussion of Ulrich Boser’s book on the new science of learning. Titled Learn Better, the book examines the recent research on how students gain skills and knowledge.

In the book, Boser argues that much of the conventional wisdom on learning is rooted in myth rather than evidence, and he shows the deep disconnect between the new science of learning and what actually happens in classrooms across the country.

As part of the book, Boser tells a series of fascinating stories, such as how artist Jackson Pollock learned to paint and why an ancient Japanese counting device helps people gain superhuman math skills.

Selected as one of Amazon editors’ best books of the month, Learn Better has received very favorable early reviews. Publishers Weekly called the book “engaging” and “thought-provoking,” while author Walter Isaacson said the book was “alternately humorous, surprising, and profound.” Slate, Vox, and The Guardian will be running excerpts.

Introductory remarks:

John B. King Jr., President and CEO, The Education Trust; former U.S. Secretary of Education


Joshua P. Starr, CEO, PDK International

Featured author:

Ulrich Boser, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress