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: Evaluating Higher Education Institutions: A Discussion on College Rankings
Past Event

Evaluating Higher Education Institutions: A Discussion on College Rankings

12:00 - 1:30 PM EDT

Do parents and students have the information they need to make decisions about what college or university to choose? What criteria do we value in institutions of higher education and what information do we need to make choices about where to attend? Join us for a discussion of college and university rankings and the availability of public information on the performance of institutions of higher learning. The discussion will address questions about whether and how institutions of higher education should be ranked, what criteria are important, and whether the public has access to the information that we need to make informed decisions.

High quality education for all students has long been a priority of the Center for American Progress. This event is being co-sponsored by Campus Progress, the Center for American Progress’ comprehensive effort to help young people make their voices heard and empower new generations of leaders. Launched in 2005, Campus Progress supports student programs in journalism, activism, and public education, and has held hundreds of events on a wide range of issues.

Kevin Carey, Education Sector
Paul Glastis, Washington Monthly
Kenneth Terrell, U. S. News and World Report

Moderated by:

Cynthia G. Brown, Center for American Progress