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: Emerging Models for Energy and Climate Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region
Past Event

Emerging Models for Energy and Climate Cooperation in the Asia-Pacific Region

9:30 - 11:45 AM EST

There can be no solution to the world’s pressing energy and climate challenges without enhanced cooperation among Asia-Pacific nations. Collectively, these countries account for close to two-thirds of global energy demand and a similar share of greenhouse gas emissions—and their share of both is slated to grow steeply in the next two decades. At the same time, the impacts of climate change—including flooding, sea-level rise, and hurricanes—are already hitting the region hard, particularly in Southeast Asia, and these threats will only increase without concerted, coordinated action.

By drawing on the deep expertise of prominent thinkers in the energy, climate, and security fields, this event will elucidate how these issues intersect with one another and point us toward a more constructive path forward.

Southeast Asian nations are taking important steps to enhance their climate resilience and to meet the climate challenge, and the United States is well positioned to join with Japan and other countries to help build a deeper partnership with the region. Our first panel discussion will explore the growing strategic significance of Southeast Asia and its intersection with energy and climate challenges, as well as identify key areas for enhanced cooperation.

The second panel will focus on how ensuring secure, affordable, and environmentally responsible access to energy supplies is a prerequisite for economic growth and prosperity. Access is especially difficult in Japan and many other Asian nations where energy demand is high and primarily supplied via imports. As Asian demand for energy rises, it will be critical to minimize the climate impact of growing energy consumption. This is a particular challenge in Japan, where post-Fukushima nuclear power limitations are posing difficulties for the nation’s energy mix. The panel will discuss current energy challenges in Japan and the broader Asian region, as well as opportunities for the United States and Japan to partner together and with other nations to put the region on a path toward a secure and sustainable energy future.

Welcome remarks:
Carol Browner, Distinguished Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Panel 1:
Building Climate Resilience Partnerships with Southeast Asia
Amb. David Carden, Partner, Jones Day; former Ambassador to ASEAN
Jesus “Gary” Domingo, Assistant Secretary, United Nations and International Organizations Office, Philippines Department of Foreign Affairs
Satu Limaye, Director, East-West Center in Washington
Lt. Gen. Noboru Yamaguchi, (ret.), professor, National Defense Academy of Japan
Pete Ogden, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Panel 2:
Asia’s Changing Energy Landscape and Opportunities for U.S.-Japan Cooperation
S. Julio Friedmann, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Office of Clean Coal and Carbon Management, U.S. Department of Energy
Shoichi Itoh, Manager and Senior Analyst, Strategy Research Unit, The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan
Jake Levine, Director for Strategy and Chief of Staff, Opower
Ryan Shaffer, Associate Director of Programs, Mansfield Foundation
Danielle Baussan, Managing Director of Energy Policy, Center for American Progress