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: CAP and the Progressive Movement in 2017
Past Event

CAP and the Progressive Movement in 2017

Center for American Progress
1:45 - 3:00 PM EST

The 2016 presidential election was long and divisive; it challenged the United States in ways the country has not previously witnessed. But it was also a very close election, with President-elect Donald Trump winning the electoral vote but the popular vote going to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Despite the loss of the election, the progressive policies that drove millions of people to the polls cannot just be pushed off the table. There are a whole host of issues progressives must fight for right now. While we lead these fights and protect the progress we have made, we must also put forward a positive agenda that shows voters who is truly on their side. That means speaking more directly about the consequences of economic inequality and the need to drive toward a process of political renewal. Join CAP for a discussion about this renewed strategy.

Featured Panelists:
Neera Tanden, President and CEO
Michael Sozan, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs