Past Event

Can We Contain and Engage Iran?

12:30 - 2:00 PM EST

We are pleased to invite you to a luncheon discussion with three of Washington D.C.’s best known Iran watchers. Joseph Cirincione will moderate what promises to be a lively exchange with Geoffrey Kemp, Jacqueline Shire, and Karim Sadjadpour.

The event will also mark the release of a new report, “Contain and Engage: A New Strategy for Countering the Nuclear Crisis with Iran,” authored by American Progress experts Joseph Cirincione and Andrew Grotto. Grotto will open the event with a briefing on the study.

The CAP study details a new strategy to both “Contain and Engage” Iran. Iran has to choose between continual confrontation or a new relationship with the west, based on the technical realities of Iran’s program, Iran’s political culture, and the relative bargaining power of the United States, its partners, and Iran.

An electronic version of the new CAP study will be available for download on Wednesday from

Featured Panelists:
Geoffrey Kemp, Director of Regional Strategic Programs, The Nixon Center
Jacqueline Shire, Senior Analyst, The Institute for Science and International Security
Karim Sadjadpour, Senior Iran Analyst, The International Crisis Group

Moderated by:
Joseph Cirincione
, Vice President for National Security, Center for American Progress

Briefing on CAP Iran strategy by:
Andrew Grotto
, Senior National Security Analyst, Center for American Progress