Past Event

Building Opportunity for All

Executive Action on Immigration and what it means for the Progressive Community

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM EST

This event is closed to press.

President Obama is expected to take significant executive action to address our broken immigration system in the coming days or weeks. President Obama’s actions specifically and the issue generally are not only important to immigration advocates, but for the progressive community as a whole. In order to maximize support among core constituencies, we must develop and promote a sharp vision of equality and greater opportunity for all.

Please join leaders of the Center for American Progress’ immigration team, Angela Kelley and Marshall Fitz, for an off-the-record strategy briefing and discussion on where we will discuss the state of play, share public opinion research, and provide materials and ways your organization can be involved so the progressive community is prepared when the president acts.

For more information, contact Sanam Malik at