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Budgets and Morals

What Does It Mean to 'Love Thy Neighbor'?

12:00 AM - 11:59 PM EST

Budgets and Morals: What Does it Mean to ‘Love Thy Neighbor’?

In cities and towns across America, the Center for American Progress will engage the public in a conversation about religious issues and give voice to people of faith whose hopes and concerns have been lost in highly polarized debates. Faith and Progressive Policy: A National Conversation will begin in Denver, Colorado, where a panel of religious and policy leaders will address the question, Morals and Budgets: What Does it Mean to Love Thy Neighbor? Members of the panel and the audience will discuss the budget as a moral document that reflects our values regarding poverty, health care, education and other issues vital to the community. The conversation will address national issues; state and local issues important to Coloradans, including the Tax-Payer Bill of Rights; and the faith and values imperatives that affect policy decisions. Please join our panel of national and local leaders in a provocative, lively conversation.

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