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: Analyzing the Results of Japan’s 2021 General Election
Past Event

Analyzing the Results of Japan’s 2021 General Election

Center for American Progress
4:30 - 5:30 PM EDT

On Sunday, October 31, Japan’s 465-seat House of Representatives will be up for election, presenting a critical test for newly selected Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party-Komeito coalition is looking to retain the large majority it has wielded for nearly a decade, yet an increasingly unified opposition aims to reduce the government’s majority and signal that Japan’s politics will be more competitive going forward. Coming less than a month into Kishida’s tenure, this election will set the tone for the Kishida Cabinet, particularly whether the prime minister will be able to consolidate his power, avoid a premature exit from office, and make progress in battling Japan’s toughest challenges.

Please join the Center for American Progress the day after the election for a discussion of what the results mean for Prime Minister Kishida, the Liberal Democratic Party, and U.S.-Japan relations.

Tobias Harris, Senior Fellow for Asia, Center for American Progress
Sheila Smith, John E. Merow Senior Fellow for Asia Pacific Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

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