Past Event

A View from the Ground in Iraq

12:00 - 1:30 PM EDT

Michael Ware, CNN’s correspondent in Baghdad, is one of only a handful of international correspondents who has lived in and reported from Iraq since before the start of the war. Previously Time magazine’s Baghdad Bureau Chief, Ware has provided perceptive reporting on the five years of the Iraq war, including groundbreaking reporting on the growth of Iraq’s insurgency.

Nir Rosen recently published in Rolling Stone magazine an in depth analysis of the U.S. support for Sunni militias titled, The Myth of the Surge.  Rosen has been at the forefront of producing and disseminating very relevant but often overlooked information concerning components of U.S. strategy in Iraq.

In this thought-provoking event, our panelists provide a unique perspective on Iraq from a vantage point possessed by few. Their experiences on the ground will offer audiences the opportunity to hear the realities of the war. The panelists will share valuable insights on Iraq’s contemporary problems and future challenges and discuss threats to maintaining stability in the country. Drawing on countless hours in the field, panelists will examine the effects of the surge on Iraqi civil society, the Iraqi government, the insurgency, and Al Qaeda in Iraq. The fragile political situation and power struggles emanating from within Iraq’s fractured body politic will be also be analyzed from the viewpoints of these two cutting edge journalists who have experienced the war firsthand.

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Featured Panelists:

Michael Ware, CNN’s correspondent in Baghdad
Nir Rosen, journalist; Center on Law and Security Fellow, NYU

Moderated By:

Brian Katulis, Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress