State of the Minimum Wage Sources

Accessed December 15-20, 2006

For information on higher minimum wage states: Center for American Progress, John Alexander Burton and Amy Hanauer, Good for Business: Small Business Growth and State Minimum Wages, May 2006.

For information on states without minimum wage laws:  U.S. Dept. of Labor, Employment Standards Admin. Minimum Wage Laws in the States, (updated April 3, 2006).

For information on the workers affected by 2009 minimum wage increase: Economic Policy Institute, Minimum Wage Issue Guide, (updated Nov. 2006).

For history of state minimum wage rates see:

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Arkansas State Legislature, (Law 11-4-210;

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Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation,;

A Short History of the Hawaii Minimum Wage,;

Illinois Minimum Wage Law (820 ILCS 105/);

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The Ohio Fair Minimum Wage Amendment,;

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Pennsylvania Dept. of Labor and Industry, Minimum Wage Law Summary,;

Rhode Island minimum wage law;

Vermont Dept. of Labor and Industry, Wage and Hour Program, Vermont & US Dept. of Labor Minimum Wage Comparison History,; Vermont Governor Announces Minimum Wage Increase,;

Washington Dept. of Labor and Industries, Washington’s minimum wage to increase to $7.93 an hour Jan. 1, Sept. 29, 2006,;

West Virginia minimum wage law;

Wisconsin Dept. of Workforce Development, Wisconsin Minimum Wage Rates, and

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