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Misplacing Hope in Hero Teachers

Lisette Partelow argues why the nation cannot expect teachers to be lone education superheroes without the proper resources and support.

Gotham: a dark, stormy city, beset with crime and corruption. There is rampant violence and unrest. The psychopathic and sadistic Joker is on the loose, reeking mayhem on a law-abiding people. But just as the city is about to be eviscerated, Batman swoops in, saving innocent lives and brightening the skies once again. Gotham is the kind of place that needs a hero, and Batman is that singular hero, overcoming impossible odds to save a broken society plagued with institutional failures.

Comic book fans aren’t the only ones who romanticize heroes. The education sector has long celebrated the heroic teacher who makes herculean sacrifices for students in difficult circumstances and helps them recognize their full potential despite the odds stacked against them.

The above excerpt was originally published in U.S. News & World Report. Click here to view the full article.

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Lisette Partelow

Senior Fellow