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January 6 Hearing Day 3: How Donald Trump Turned the Mob on Mike Pence

January 6 Hearing Day 3: How Donald Trump Turned the Mob on Mike Pence

When Mike Pence made it clear he would not give in to Donald Trump's scheme, Trump turned the mob on him.

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There can be no doubt left that Donald Trump and MAGA extremists are a danger to U.S. democracy. On the third day of the January 6 hearings, the committee showed how Trump and the mob turned on Mike Pence.

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Donald Trump and MAGA extremists carried out a violent attempt to take over the Capitol and overturn the 2020 presidential election. The January 6 House Select Committee hearings continue to provide evidence of these activities and illustrate how MAGA extremists will keep fighting to put themselves in power regardless of future election outcomes. Americans must hold those involved accountable and show that no one is above the law in the United States.


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