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Bush Administration Must Release All Torture Evidence

Bush Administration Must Release All Torture Evidence

Secretary Rumsfeld testified last week the worst is yet to come on the Abu Ghraib torture scandal, including more horrific photos and new video evidence. For the sake of America's credibility and security, the Bush administration should release all remaining pictures and information immediately. More delays and cover-up will only fuel the growing belief that America is hiding the truth and further endanger our soldiers on the ground.

  • Release all information and photos from Abu Ghraib immediately. As unpleasant as it is, the administration must release all evidence as soon as possible in order to demonstrate complete transparency in investigating these horrendous abuses. Anything less plays directly into the hands of those who wish to see America fail for these isolated transgressions.
  • A full, independent investigation of Abu Ghraib should be completed by June 30. The urgency of putting this matter to rest is compounded by the impending transfer of authority to Iraqis at the end of June. An independent investigation by a bipartisan team of former civilian and military judges should offer full evidence and recommendations on how to fix this problem before the official transfer of power on June 30. We simply can not hand over authority to Iraqis with the chaos of the torture scandal unanswered.
  • An International Permanent Committee for Monitoring Prison Conditions should be immediately established and a database of all Iraqi prisoners created so Iraqis can locate their family members. The damage is done at this point. Now the Bush administration must take credible and immediate steps to show Iraqis and the Arab world that it is serious about the gross perversion of democratic and humanitarian ideals it seeks to promote. A separate monitoring committee and full database of prisoners will help to re-establish transparency and legitimacy on these matters.

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