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Health care

Reforms to Help Meet the Growing Demand for Long-Term Care Services

article icon Issue Brief Targeted reforms will help more Americans afford the long-term care they are likely to need in the coming decades.

By Daniel Bahr, Topher Spiro, and Maura Calsyn | Friday, October 31, 2014

overflowing sewer

Rising Waters, Rising Threat

book_alt2 icon Report Policymakers need to invest in the resilience of our wastewater treatment infrastructure to ensure that decades of progress on public health, environmental quality, and economic development are not washed away.

By Ben Bovarnick, Shiva Polefka, and Arpita Bhattacharyya | Friday, October 31, 2014


Women of Color: A Growing Force in the American Electorate

article icon Issue Brief As the fastest-growing segment of the women’s vote—and the most active segment of the emerging majority vote—women of color are a key voting bloc with the potential to affect elections and public policy.

By Maya Harris | Thursday, October 30, 2014

payday loan

Millions of Americans Are Outside the Financial System

article icon Fact Sheet New data from the FDIC reaffirm that many families lack bank accounts or are otherwise underserved by the financial system.

By Joe Valenti | Thursday, October 30, 2014

African American voters

Uncounted Votes

book_alt2 icon Report A first-of-its-kind analysis of county-level 2012 election data finds that, in 16 states, voters in counties with a higher percentage of minorities cast provisional ballots at higher rates.

By Joshua Field, Charles Posner, and Anna Chu | Wednesday, October 29, 2014

math homework

For Women and Girls, the Common Core Is a Step Toward Greater Equity

article icon Fact Sheet The Common Core State Standards represent an important step toward closing achievement gaps and opening the door to higher-paying science, technology, engineering, and math jobs for millions of low-income girls and girls of color.

Job seekers fill out applications

October 2014

article icon Issue Brief Congress needs to play its part in building a postrecession economy for everyone and not just the wealthy few.

By Christian E. Weller and Jackie Odum | Monday, October 27, 2014


A Great Recession, a Great Retreat

book_alt2 icon Report Since the onset of the Great Recession, direct state investment in public universities and community colleges has declined. This report analyzes the retreat in funding in the 50 states and calls for a restored state-federal compact in postsecondary education to ensure that high-quality programs remain affordable and a central tenant of the American Dream.

By David A. Bergeron, Elizabeth Baylor, and Antoinette Flores | Monday, October 27, 2014

A woman leaves her house

Effects of State Higher Education Cuts on Communities of Color

article icon Issue Brief As diversity among U.S. students increases, investment in public colleges—particularly in two-year institutions that disproportionately serve students of color—is an investment in the future.

By Farah Z. Ahmad | Monday, October 27, 2014

Johns Hopkins

Eds, Meds, and the Feds

book_alt2 icon Report The federal government has a long history of supporting the work of anchor institutions—entities, including universities and hospitals, that control vast economic, human, and intellectual resources. It has a vested interest in exploring strategies that harness anchors’ power to increase community revitalization and economic growth.

By Tracey Ross | Friday, October 24, 2014

Morning-after pill

Ensuring Access to Family Planning Services for All

article icon Issue Brief While women have access to family planning services at a multitude of health care facilities—and while a wide spectrum of funding sources covers contraceptives and those services—we are not doing enough to ensure access for all women.

By Donna Barry and Amelia Esenstad | Thursday, October 23, 2014

immigration reform protest

The Facts on Immigration Today

article icon Issue Brief Everything you need to know about our foreign-born population, their impact on the economy, current immigration policy, and the voting power of new Americans.

By the CAP Immigration Team | Thursday, October 23, 2014

president sisi

Sisi’s First 100 Days

article icon Issue Brief Egypt, the region’s largest country, continues to face a long list of challenges on the economic, security, and political fronts.

By Brian Katulis, Mokhtar Awad, and Hardin Lang | Monday, October 20, 2014

initiative 594

9 Things to Know About Gun Violence in Washington State

article icon Issue Brief There are many facets of gun violence in Washington state that stand out as exception, unusual, or above the national average, and the state can do more to prevent gun deaths and keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

By Chelsea Parsons and Lauren Speigel | Thursday, October 16, 2014

A soldier stands guard

The War Chest

book_alt2 icon Report As the war in Afghanistan draws down, it’s time to wind down the war chest.

By Katherine Blakeley and Lawrence J. Korb | Thursday, October 16, 2014

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