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Putting Diplomacy First Report
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meets Omani Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alawi bin Abdullah in Tehran, Iran, on July 28, 2019. (Getty/Iranian Presidency/Handout)

Putting Diplomacy First

In order to avoid another costly war in the Middle East, the United States must prioritize diplomacy and a more balanced regional stabilization strategy.

Brian Katulis, Peter Juul

Trump’s Syria Shambles Report
U.S. forces, accompanied by Kurdish YPG fighters, drive armored vehicles near the northern Syrian village of Darbasiyah in April 2017. (Vehicles drive near Syrian village.)

Trump’s Syria Shambles

President Trump’s withdrawal from Syria has thrown the region into chaos, shattered American credibility, and uncovered deep problems with U.S. policy toward Turkey.

Max Hoffman

The Case for a New U.S. Relationship with Afghanistan Report

The Case for a New U.S. Relationship with Afghanistan

It is time to end the war in Afghanistan responsibly and make a strategic transition to more pressing U.S. national security challenges.

Kelly Magsamen, Michael Fuchs

Turkey’s Refugee Dilemma Report
Syrian refugee children draw in their notebooks in a refugee camp in Turkey, August 2017. (Getty/Diego Cupolo)

Turkey’s Refugee Dilemma

Despite Turkish leaders’ frequent insistence that Syrian refugees will return home, privately, they seem to be preparing for the likelihood that most will remain permanently.

Alan Makovsky

Kurdistan’s New Moment Report
30 September 2018, Iraq, Sulaymaniyah: Omar Hamagharib Ahmad (72) voted for the parliamentary elections. One year after the controversial independence referendum of the Kurds in northern Iraq, parliamentary elections have begun in the autonomy region. More than 3.8 million voters are called upon to elect the 111 members of the regional parliament in the city of Erbil from more than 750 candidates. Photo: Tobias Schreiner/dpa (Photo by Tobias Schreiner/picture alliance via Getty Images)

Kurdistan’s New Moment

The United States can play a role in helping Iraqi Kurds transition from crisis to progress.

Daniel Benaim

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