Gun Violence Across America

This interactive map shows how each state ranks in terms of overall levels of gun violence.



America Under Fire

While many factors influence rates of gun violence in a state, the link between weak gun laws and higher rates of gun violence cannot be ignored.



Violent Words, Violent Crimes

Anti-government extremism, tensions over control of public lands, and easy access to guns collide in Nevada, with devastating consequences.



Pennsylvania Under the Gun

While Pennsylvania has instituted important measures to prevent gun violence, more can be done to strengthen its laws and reduce gun-related crimes.


Under the Gun

The massacre at Sandy Hook was seen as a watershed moment in our national gun debate, but the body count at the hands of gun violence has only grown. Through the lens of victims’ families, as well as pro-gun advocates, Under the Gun examines why our politicians have failed to act.

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The Use of Guns in Hate Crimes

Please join the Center for American Progress for a conversation with leading experts to discuss the growing use of guns as the weapon of choice for hate criminals and violent extremists; the impact of these crimes on impacted communities; and new ideas for policy solutions to help keep communities safe from violent extremists armed with guns.

Center for American Progress, 1333 H St. NW, 10th Floor, Washington, DC , 20005


Framework for Action

State executives have many options for adopting policies and programs to address gun violence in their state that do not require legislative action.



The Terror Gap

With the ever-present threat of lone-wolf and homegrown terrorists perpetrating attacks on American soil, it is important to close the terror gap in order to prevent known terror suspects from easily purchasing guns.