Revisited: Do Schools Challenge Our Students?

Although many students still don’t feel like they are being challenged in the classroom, there have been clear instructional improvements associated with standards-based reform.



Remedial Education

As many as 60 percent of entering college freshmen are placed into remedial education courses to develop skills that they should have learned in high school, at a cost of more than $1 billion annually.



Reading, Writing, and the Common Core State Standards

Under the new Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts, students are learning to dissect, analyze, and comprehend the type of complex reading they will encounter in college and the workplace.



Math Matters

Staying the course with Common Core-aligned math instruction will afford students not only greater understanding of conceptual mathematics, but also more opportunity in the job market.


Teacher Leadership: The Pathway to Common Core Success

Several school districts throughout the country are empowering teachers to lead the way to successful implementation of the Common Core.



Teacher Leadership

A new CAP report highlights six districts that are using teacher leadership and labor-management collaboration to successfully implement the Common Core State Standards.


Teacher Leadership: The Pathway to Common Core Success

The Common Core State Standards were formed in a state-led effort to set consistent, rigorous standards across states so that all students have the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in college and careers. While the Common Core started as a local, collaborative effort, the standards have become a hot topic of debate in political circles. Through the politicization of the Common Core, the voices of those tasked with the work of implementing the standards—teachers—have been muffled.

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Next-Generation Accountability Systems

States are moving beyond No Child Left Behind-era accountability to start building their own next-generation accountability systems.



The Cognitive Science Behind the Common Core

The cognitive science that provides the basis for the Common Core State Standards will lead to improved student learning.



Politics Threaten Efforts to Improve K-12 Education

Over the past year, the Common Core State Standards have become increasingly contentious. But research shows support for the Common Core’s principles remains high.


Common Core: The Politics, the Principles, and the Promise

The Common Core State Standards, which were adopted by more than 40 states and the District of Columbia, are one of the most significant shifts in American public education in decades. The standards aim to improve the quality of education by creating a set of academic expectations for the knowledge and skills that students need to be successful in college and the 21st century workplace.

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