STATEMENT: Trump’s Bipartisan Impeachment and Senate Votes Leave Him a Historic Disgrace

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Senate voted 43 to 57 to acquit former President Donald Trump for inciting an insurrection against the United States while its leaders convened to affirm President Joe Biden’s victory in the Electoral College. Daniella Gibbs Léger, executive vice president for Communications and Strategy at CAP, released the following statement:

House impeachment managers presented a profound, devastating case on former President Trump’s incitement of, and complicity in, the white supremacist insurrection against our democracy.

While Trump deserves conviction and to be banned from holding any federal office again, history will mark that this is, by far, the most bipartisan impeachment process ever, with 10 Republican votes to impeach in the House and seven to convict in the Senate.

Former President Trump is an historic disgrace, and that recognition will only grow. The majority of Republicans in Congress missed an enormous opportunity to begin distancing themselves from Trump’s world of insurrection, dangerous conspiracy theories, and racist incitement. Indeed, many should still face accountability for their own roles in these events. But America will remember what has happened here. The country is already moving on—without those who would stand with Trump over their country—and progress is on the march again.

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