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STATEMENT: SCR 43 Would ‘Permanently Undermine’ the Fairness of New Jersey’s Redistricting Process
Press Statement

STATEMENT: SCR 43 Would ‘Permanently Undermine’ the Fairness of New Jersey’s Redistricting Process

Washington D.C. — On Monday, November 26, the New Jersey Legislature advanced a proposed constitutional amendment that would permanently undermine the fairness of the state’s redistricting process. The proposal, SCR 43, is disguised as an effort to ensure competitive elections and fair representation of the two major political parties. The plan mandates that the state redistricting commission include at least four legislators, whereby politicians would be directly empowered to draw their own maps. In response, Danielle Root of the Center for American Progress issued the following statement:

“For years, conservative lawmakers across the country have attacked the right to vote and engaged in blatant partisan gerrymandering to stay in power. Progressives have to prove to the public that they are different—that they will fix the broken political system and earn the voters’ trust. The proposed constitutional amendment to New Jersey’s redistricting process would be a major step in the wrong direction. New Jersey can and should have a fair, impartial process that allows voters to decide who represents them—not a process where politicians decide who they want to represent. They should follow the lead of progressive leaders across the country, in local, state, and federal office, who are championing fair, independent redistricting processes, protecting the right to vote, and making politicians accountable to the people.”

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