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STATEMENT: President’s Budget Offers Proposals to Help Working Families Achieve Middle-Class Security, Says CAP’s Carmel Martin
Press Statement

Washington, D.C. — Following the release of President Barack Obama’s fiscal year 2016 budget, Carmel Martin, Executive Vice President for Policy at the Center for American Progress, issued the following statement:

President Obama’s budget lays out a detailed agenda to create good jobs, raise wages, and help working families achieve middle-class security. Many of these proposals have bipartisan appeal, such as expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit, investing in infrastructure and early childhood education, and passing comprehensive immigration reform. Rather than stumbling through a series of unnecessary manufactured crises or clinging to failed austerity measures such as sequestration, Congress has an opportunity to work with President Obama to build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy few.

The following experts are available for comment on the president’s FY 2016 budget:

  • Carmel Martin, Executive Vice President, Policy (general budget)
  • Arkadi Gerney, Senior Vice President, Campaigns and Strategies, Center for American Progress Action Fund; Senior Vice President, Center for American Progress (general budget)
  • Harry Stein, Director, Fiscal Policy (general budget)
  • Marshall Fitz, Vice President, Immigration Policy, and Vanessa Cárdenas, Vice President, Progress 2050 (immigration, also available in Spanish)
  • Catherine Brown, Vice President, Education Policy; David Bergeron, Vice President, Postsecondary Education; and Katie Hamm, Director, Early Childhood Policy (education)
  • Greg Dotson and Danielle Baussan, Managing Director, Energy Policy (climate, clean energy, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency budget)
  • Melissa Boteach, Vice President, Poverty to Prosperity Program, and Rebecca Vallas, Director of Policy, Poverty to Prosperity Program (Social Security, EITC, subsidized jobs, and antipoverty programs)
  • Lawrence J. Korb, Senior Fellow, and Katherine Blakeley, Policy Analyst, National Security and International Policy (U.S. Department of Defense budget, military pay)
  • Jocelyn Frye, Senior Fellow, and Donna Barry, Director, Women’s Health and Rights Program (paid leave, women’s health)
  • Michele L. Jawando, Vice President, Legal Progress (U.S. Department of Justice budget)

For more information on this topic or to speak with an expert, please contact Allison Preiss at 202.478.6331 or [email protected].