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RELEASE: Why Self-Employed Workers Need Paid Leave 
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RELEASE: Why Self-Employed Workers Need Paid Leave 

Washington, D.C. — Millions of Americans are self-employed, from freelancers and independent contractors, to entrepreneurs and small-business owners. The self-employed need time away from work just as employees do to handle pressing family and health needs but all too often, cannot afford to take it—unless there’s a paid leave program to protect them. A new CAP series details who the self-employed are, what paid leave means for them, and the state of play in federal and state policy on paid leave for this population.

The series includes:

  • Why Self-Employed Workers Need Paid Leave: This issue brief outlines why the self-employed need paid leave and how ensuring access to paid leave would expand access to entrepreneurship. Expanding access will improve the experience of individuals who are already self-employed, particularly those whose self-employment is driven by health or caregiving needs.
  • Understanding the Self-Employed in the United States: This fact sheet explores the full picture of the self-employed population in the United States, including: who are the self-employed, the demographic diversity of the population, and key groups that make up a big portion of the self-employment class. 

“Ensuring access to paid leave for all would transform the experience of self-employment and expand access to entrepreneurship. Truly universal paid leave, including for the self-employed, is the investment we need in the economy we deserve,” said Molly Weston Williamson, senior fellow and author of the series. 

Read the series: Ensuring Paid Leave for the Self-Employed by Molly Weston Williamson

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