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RELEASE: The Biden Administration Has Reached Conservation Records in 2023
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RELEASE: The Biden Administration Has Reached Conservation Records in 2023

Washington, D.C. — A new analysis from the Center for American Progress finds that in the Biden administration’s first three years, it has conserved—or is in the process of conserving—more than 24 million acres of public lands across the country and has channeled more than $18 billion dollars toward conservation projects.

About half of that land—more than 12.5 million acres—was conserved in 2023 alone, marking a dramatic increase in the administration’s pace of land conservation. President Joe Biden also funded more than $7.5 billion this year toward conservation through the Interior Department, beating out each of his own annual conservation funding sums for his first two years in office.

“Three years into his administration, President Biden is safeguarding public lands at a record rate,” said Sam Zeno, research associate for Conservation Policy at CAP and author of the analysis. “He should continue to take bold conservation action that addresses climate change and the nature crisis, protecting the vital landscapes of this country for years to come.”

The administration designated four new national monuments in 2023 and has withdrawn sensitive lands from mining access. It has also taken steps to prioritize conservation and land health on Bureau of Land Management lands and initiated new avenues for conserving lands in states where oil and gas have a strong foothold. President Biden is now within striking distance of protecting the most acreage of U.S. public lands as monuments of any recent president in their first term.

The analysis notes that there are still many opportunities in 2024 to solidify additional wins for conservation. These include finalizing strong conservation regulations, denying the Ambler Access Project in Alaska, and designating widely supported community-led national monument proposals.

Read the analysis: “The Biden Administration Has Reached Conservation Records in 2023” by Sam Zeno

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