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RELEASE: New CAP Report Outlines Opportunities To Improve Gun Safety in Michigan
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RELEASE: New CAP Report Outlines Opportunities To Improve Gun Safety in Michigan

Washington, D.C. — Today, the Center for American Progress released a new report highlighting opportunities for Michigan policymakers to improve public safety through the enactment of popular and proven policies that many other states have successfully adopted to save lives. Following up on a 2022 report from CAP and Progress Michigan, the author details the latest steps Michigan has taken toward gun safety and provides a road map for additional policies that have broad public support and that legislators should pursue in order to address this growing crisis. 

“Michigan has made significant steps toward improving gun safety, with legislators recently passing safe storage requirements and enhanced background checks in the state,” said Allison Jordan, research associate for Gun Violence Prevention at CAP and author of the report. “For example, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) proposed universal background checks and safe storage policies during her State of the State address and successfully passed several commonsense gun safety bills that a majority of voters had demanded for years. Building on this momentum, policymakers have the opportunity to close remaining gaps in Michigan gun laws that put communities, families, and law enforcement at risk.”

To address this crisis and strengthen Michigan gun laws, the report provides the following recommendations:

  • Pass and implement extreme risk protection orders (ERPOs).
  • Expand firearm relinquishment protocols and other protections for survivors of domestic violence.
  • Increase support for community-based intervention (CVI) programs, particularly in areas most affected by gun violence.
  • Require state licensing and security measures for federally licensed firearm dealers.
  • Ban open and concealed carry of guns on government grounds and at public gatherings.

Read the report: “How Policymakers Can Reduce Gun Violence in Michigan” by Allison Jordan

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